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Fully monitored systems available - customised to meet your requirements.


From simple 3 camera systems up to 64 camera systems.


Typical £1000 system may include

  •    3 cameras

  •    Computer/DVR

  •    Monitor


   Fully accessed control (internet remote viewing )- you will be able to monitor your home from anywhere in the world.


We provide holiday monitoring - let us know when you are away and we will monitor your home for you.


If one of your cameras should go down (system tampered with) within 3 seconds our system is activated and our response team will be take the appropriate actions.


Due to the nature of these systems price can vary enormously - we offer free onsite surveys so that your needs can be discussed and an accurate price be given.




Alternatively we can supply simple DIY systems starting from only £325.00  


From simple DIY systems to Comprehensive fully monitored systems designed to your exact specification...

monitoring screen

The image of the left shows a typical CCTV surveillance screen  on a computer monitor screen. There are many different kinds of software for this purpose, but in general, each piece of software comes with the following features:


  • zooming

  • recording

  • switching cameras,

  • pausing, rewindind and fast forwarding.

CCTV Features

CCTV Cameras

There are many different types of CCTV camera to choose starting from a standard black and white low resolution camera to a 360 rotational camera. Choosing a camera type ultimately depends on your requirements - We can supply and fit cameras in all varieties:


  • Static Wall Cameras - Fixed to a wall, without the ability to rotate, but may be able to zoom. Great for exterior purposes as they are usually sheltered, and work well with high buildings not requiring to move such as watching house entrances.

  • LED Cameras - Some can zoom, but have the ability of night vision and torch, some can rotate and pan.

  • Dome Cameras - Ceiling fitted cameras with the best ability to move 360 degress. Some can zoom. These are generally used in department stores as they have the best coverage.


For more information please contact us to discuss your requirements or see the images below.



Computer or DVR?

A Bespoke CCTV systems usually consists of a desktop computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8 with a compatible graphics card with enough power to run the amount of cameras required. The computer must also have enough processing power, as well as RAM with available expansion ports (PCI) to add camera cards.


A DVR System is an out-of-the-box unit, similar to the size of a DVD player which is built to do the job. These systems are great for general CCTV surveillance purposes, but can be limited for more advanced requirements.

Mobile and Internet

Almost any system whether it is  computer based or a DVR system can be externally operated. This can be achieved by an external computer such as a laptop if you are on holiday or mobile phone. IPhone and Android are most compatible with any system we supply. Some systems require extra work depending on your broadband provider and may require a static IP address connection in order to connect externally.


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